Sunday, July 31, 2011

Monday marvellous ~ Shabby Chic Roses

Here are some beautiful shabby-gorgeous roses to brighten up your monday. Just think of the beautiful scent of roses when you look at the photos for a lovely treat!

Vintage Inspired Shabby Chic Miniature French Postcards - embellishments - by dkshopgirl on Etsy.

above 4 images / jewellery items from Tamar on Etsy.
Pink Blossom Collage bracelet by lonkoosh on Etsy.

Have a great week!
Sally x0x

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Focus on I HEART GALLERY - Jambo Chameleon's Sydney stockist

Hi there Lovlies,

3 months ago a new venture called I Heart Gallery, opened up it's Sydney doors.
It is my first stockist -outside my Etsy shop - for my crafty-wares!
Anastasia of Percival Road and I, decided to jump on board with a shared shelf.

"What is I Heart Gallery" you ask? 
Well, here's what they say about themselves:
"I Heart Gallery is essentially an indoor market bazaar and gallery. We provide the venue and the staff, you rent a space and sell your goodies. We provide a range of display options for a minimal weekly rental price and 10% commission on sales. 

The I Heart Philosophy
Half art gallery, half op shop we are a young, vibrant, unique store with a surreal sense of humour and love of the bizarre. Put together by a ragtag bunch of misfits, artists, crafters and hoarders, I Heart Gallery is FOR artists, BY artists. We understand what it means to struggle to pay for your own materials, let alone trying to pay for gallery space, a market stall or expensive consignment store as well. That is why we want to offer fellow artists a more affordable venue to showcase and sell their work. 

Our dream is to promote creativity, passion, vision and a sense of community in our little world". 

Here's what they wrote about ME on their blog:
Jambo Chameleon is run by Sally who is a textile designer and loves buttons, brads, bakers twine, doilies, carnival tickets, bingo cards, vintage sheet music, paper ephemera, textiles, baking cupcakes, colour and never growing up! Which also sounds just like us ;) lol. She loves to rescue old treasures from a fate worse than death – the dreaded landfill. Tattered and forlorn books find a re-use, re-cycle, re-vamp and re-purpose in Sallys loving care! And thank goodness for that. We love books and hate the thought of once loved treasures being tossed away when they start to fall apart. So much better to make them into something else so they can be used and loved again!

It’s hard to choose a favourite item but we are particularly enamoured of the... vintage ricrac and some of the buttons and ephemera sets are just gorgeous! Perfect for your own art, craft or scrapbooking. In fact some of the other stockists at I Heart Gallery have used items from Jambo make their own work! What a small world. :D

These are some of my crafty goodies stocked there....

and now...
Here's ome of the other lovely items on offer.........
Steal The Limelight hand made lampshades
vintage cameras, clothes and more.
Some of Anastasia's fabbo tags! I LOVE these!!

The details:

643 King St
St Peters

Open 11am - 7pm
Wednesday - Sunday


If you're in Sydney, go along and check it out.
If you have kids visit Sydney park opposite, it has an awesome bike /scooter track.
If not - yay! go shopping and eat yourself silly on King Street in Newtown,  
it's just up the road a tad.

Please note I have 'borrowed' all of the images shown here, from I Heart Gallery!

Sally xox

Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Marvellous! ... Little Houses

Handmade Mixed Media House by Iris O'Connor

Hello there!!
Here are some fab picks from Etsy to brighten up your Monday :)

I have a bit of a 'thing' for little HOUSES!! Seems I am not alone in this ....

Vintage Primitive Painted Wood Block Houses

Three Little Houses by mdemag on Etsy

My village - a collection of 10 soft houses by Kajsa Wikman of Syko.

House Postcard set

Little house brooch from Loddelina

Have a great week,
love Sally xox

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Artist Love - Alexander Calder

... (& 'About Me' ... working with kids!)

Something you may or may not know about me - is that I help out at my son's primary school, alongside the teacher, doing Arts and Crafts with the 'Kindy' (Kindergarten) class. These are the kids in my son's class, they range from age 4-6, there are 24 of them,  so it's quite hectic, sometimes noisy and ALWAYS lots of fun!!

At the end of this school term, the school will be having an Art Show! Not surprisingly I have been 'roped in' to help out!! Of course I am delighted to be involved.   :0)

One of the things we will be doing is making Alexander Calder inspired wire sculptures!
Here is some of the inspiration I have acquired for this project - the teacher, *Ms Superstar, and I have not yet worked out a project, with suitable processes, materials etc.  But I wanted to share these images with you, because whether or not you are familiar with Calder yourself, his work is just awesome!!
{* not her real name - but it SHOULD be!!}

images }


I have to be honest, as part of my Textile Design degree, we rarely touched on ANY art history, and although I was familiar with the name Alexander Calder, I was not terribly familiar with his work. It's fabulous don't you think?

Here's a brief bio:  ALEXANDER CALDER.

{Calder - image via Britannica}

Calder, was one of America’s most famous sculptors; he lived from 1898 - 1976.

He studied Mechanical Engineering but was to become a very versatile artist, creating lithographs, toys, paintings, tapestry and even designing carpets. 

He was responsible for the invention of the mobile. 

Calder's most well known work features perfectly balanced mobiles, which were comprised of brightly coloured shapes,  hanging delicately by wire, spreading out from a central wire. Hovering in the air, twisting and turning around - as if by magic!

He began with Toys in the 1920's, moving on to working with wire sculptures and mobiles.
In the 1950s, Calder began to focus on huge, monumental sculptures, many of which would become his most famous works. He created some such pieces for JFK airport in 1957 and UNESCO in Paris in 1958.

Bobine (1970), National Gallery of AustraliaCanberra, Australia (image from Wiki )

Lithographs above from RoGallery
 1. Bird's Nest 1971
2.Derrier le Miroir (Abstract II) 1968
3.Derrier le Miroir (Abstract IV) 1968
Take care,
love Sally x0x