Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fab Finds #9

Aren't these earrings fabulous?! (I just treated myself to a red pair!).
'shiny-hearts-earrings' in blue & sterling silver

These are from the delightful Italian Etsy shop KOSMIKA owned by lovely lady called Laura!
 She lives live in Perugia, in the middle of the green and beautiful Umbria, in central Italy.

 in a small apricot-orange house, just out of town and loves sewing, knitting, messing with paper and glue and anything that is creative and can make herself and other people happy.
Here's a couple more pics of her work...

 Sally xox

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2010 a Retrospective - Etsy, Family, friends... and Sculptures By The Sea!...

I was thinking about last year and all the things I did (and didn't do).
The year began with my Etsy shop only being a few months old, I built it up a bit, and learned a lot along the way. Still heaps more to learn of course (like better time management for one, and better book-keeping for another!!). I did however reach (and surpass) my target of 1000 sales by my first ETSY-VERSARY in July.

In August we went on our annual UK trip, to see our family & old friends.
One of the highlights of that was celebrating my grandmother's 90th birthday, (that's her on the right, isn't she lovely?!).
...another was having some special time on a sunny afternoon in Nottingham, with my girlfriends from Uni (whom I studied Textiles with).

My best friend Cindy and I got to hang out a couple more times too and we even made a button bouquet each, whilst sipping herbal tea and eating chocolate! Fabbo!

Then towards the end of the year , I got to do one of my favourite 'Sydney things'...
 I visited Sculptures by the Sea, the annual exhibition that is precisely what it says "sculptures by (and sometimes even IN) the sea"!!

The exhibition is well established, it's now in it's 14th year and it gets terribly busy at the weekend, so the boys and I went late one afternoon. It was a beautiful day, so we were lucky! We finished off with pizza and ice cream by the beach - we had ourselves a marvellous time indeed!! :)

If you missed it - enjoy some of the sculptures here, via my own snapshots!

Do you have a favourite? Mine is the the tube of paint.

The setting is incredible too isn't it?
The scenery, the coulours, the textures, the flowers, even the smell of the sea air, it's just all wonderful,
I love it all.

Sally xox

Monday, January 17, 2011

Treasury Time!

I just found one of my button mixes - my "Every Cloud... (has a silver lining)" mix in a gorgeous treasury,
curated by JUST FEATHERS  ....I'd like to share it with you....

Interestingly, Honeysuckle happens to be the Pantone* colour of the year (and where would we designers be without Pantone?).                                                                                                                                   ....{*For the uninitiated PANTONE® is the global authority on colour and provider of professional color standards for the design industries*}                                 According to Pantone Honeysuckle is a dynamic reddish pink, that is is encouraging and uplifting.

In times of stress, we need something to lift our spirits. Honeysuckle is a captivating, stimulating color that gets the adrenaline going – perfect to ward off the blues,”
explains Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®.
It certainly is pretty! I do actually find pink and red energising, inspiring colours too.

Hello Honeysuckle , I love you

you are pretty (like this Lavender Bottle print)!

find this here

Talented blogger and graphic designer Amanda from both Calico and Co (one of my fave blogs), and Lemon Tree Lane ( an eco-friendly paper product shop on Etsy), recently did a great blog post on this.

Heart // 6 pack eco flat valentine greeting cards by Lemon Tree Lane

Here is my own Honeysuckle treasury of Etsy finds, inspired by the lovely one I found myself in today, Amanda's blog post and the Pantone colour of the year - not to mention it's a great colour for Summer (which of course it is right now, here in Australia!).

... and finally I will leave you with this dreamy photo by Donna Geissler

Sally xox

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pulling together ~ AusDisasterRelief shop on Etsy

photo source: TripleM
  At this time, when we as a country are suffering a 'Natural Disaster' with our terrible floods
it is heart-warming to see people pulling together to help.

I have to admit that I cannot watch the news, I cannot bear to SEE the devastation and terrible stories of loss (homes, possessions, businesses, and worst of all in some cases loved ones), but instead I do keep up to date with the radio news and the internet.

 The fighting spirit of Aussies is amazing, I feel humbled and it makes me so proud; they are not complaining, they are glad to have survived and they are ready to start again, to clean up and to help each other.

Whole communities have come together to lend helping hands & hearts... From the rescue workers, (some of whom have even lost their own homes), the people who have donated money, those who have taken strangers into their homes, right down to the awesome crafty community who are doing what they can to help.

The Australian Etsy DUST Team (Downunder Street Team) have set up a shop (just as they did for the devastating bushfire disaster) to help raise desperately needed funds. The profits will go directly to the official Queensland Premier's Relief Fund.

YOU could help too.
Please go and take a look -  you could buy something lovely that a generous crafter has donated, and flood victims will receive the proceeds. To date over $3038.03 has been raised and this figure is constantly rising.

Or if you are an Etsy seller – no matter where you are based in the world – you can donate something to the shop. If you could spare any item, no matter how small it may seem, it would be greatly appreciated.
Just send a message to the team at the AusDisasterRelief shop to find out the details.

Last night I volunteered for a couple of hours to list some of the items that Etsians had donated. I also donated 5 items myself. When I logged into my shop this morning I found a message to say all five had already sold. Great!

I donated one vintage necklace and 4 lots of buttons.

I have also just BOUGHT 4 items!! yaay! See two of them below, font by wiccked and silver heart necklace by Angel Silver. (I also bought handmade tags and bakers twine).

I want to volunteer more of my time and possibly more items too, I will also help prommote the shop via Facebook, this blog and Twitter. Maybe you could help with that too.
We sure would appreciate it.

Here are some of the lovely items that have been kindly donated (some may have sold by the time you visit the shop, but more are being added round the clock by admin & team volunteers).

at the time of writing all items available from 
the Australian Flood Appeal shop.

These items were donated by: (x 2)

Love, Sally xox

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Artist Love ~ Freya Art

Today I am so excited to have discovered the work of Fréya Eté, of  FREYA ART & DESIGN.


I have actually come across a couple of her works on Etsy before, but today I spent time looking at everything in the gallery (on her website).
The result of which is I wish I could buy pretty much EVERY single design!! I truly love the quirky, optimistic & heart warming illustration and messages in her work. I must not be the only one who loves the work of this talented poet & artist, as in her Etsy shop Freya Art , she has made 1718 sales to date, in less than two years. Hooray for Fréya!!

Here's more info (as quoted from Freya's website):

"Fréya enjoys traveling around the world and drawing inspiration from wherever she visits. Her work is one of purity of vision with a forever optimistic view of the world. Her quirky and thought provoking pieces are much loved and sought after and held in many public and private collections around the world.

She began her working life as an Art Director for Republic Advertising, but left to start her exploration of the world and along the way began to think about a different career. Illustration seemed a lovely logical option and she was delighted to discover that people enjoyed her creations as much as she enjoyed doing them.

Fréya divides her time between London, where she is based and her little beachside studio in Phillip Island, Australia"

Lucky girl - sounds like a nice life AND she is incredibly beautiful too. Stunning in fact!
{Fréya also happens to be one of my very favourite girl's names - it was high up on my 'Fabbo baby names list' both times - but I got 'Blue' instead of 'Pink', and I don't think either of my Lovlies would have thanked me for a girl's name! lol}.

Gushing you say? ME? No! Well, yes I guess I am.
So what I say, it's good to get excited about the little things. I'm sure Fréya would agree!

Come visit me again very soon, I have lots of new posts in the pipeline...

Sally xox

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fab Finds #8

Hello. How are you today?

I just came across this brilliant and beautiful item in one of my favourite eye-candy Etsy shops.
Plum Pretty Sugar

Jewelry/Cosmetic Bloom. Darling Jardin Bleu.

I have also been admiring this gorgeous creation for quite some time...

Kimono Style Robe. Knee Length. Silk Road Sweet.

pretty, yes??! The fabric this robe is made from is just so lovely... ♥

I'll be back soon to catch up more, but for now enjoy these pretties.
take care,
Sally xox