Monday, June 27, 2011

It's that time again... the ABCD (Winter) meet-up is coming soon...VERY soon!

This Thursday the SYDNEY ABCD meet-up will take place...........

ABCD (Artists + Bloggers + Crafters + Designers) which was co-founded by Steph Bond  from Bondville and Kim Wallace from Udessi, hold quarterly meetups as a chance for art, design and craft bloggers to get out from behind their computers and meet face-to-face at a casual get-together. 
Steph says "The meet-ups have no set structure, and are designed to be an informal gathering at a bar or cafe on a Thursday evening. ABCD Meetups have resulted in new friendships and some great design collaborations!"

If you want to come along to any meet-ups, you simply need to RSVP before the event date, and are given a name badge at the meet-up. Attendees are also given the opportunity to share something with the other participants in an ABCD goodie bag. This a more effective, and more funway to help others remember you! 

Last time I made some paper embellishments, and put them in a bag, with a postcard, my card and a sweetie! :)

As I said above, the next ABCD Meetup will be in Sydney, THIS Thursday { 30th June }, hosted by Steph Bond Hutkin from Bondville and Lisa Tilse from the red thread. 

I'm looking forward to having a catch-up with creative people, some I met last time, and some new faces - it doesn't happen for me very often these days. I miss it. (In fact with two small kids, and my family 12,000 miles or so away, I don't even get out that much at all!!!)

I'll let you know how it goes, and give you a peek in the goodie bag!!

In the meantime, I'd better decide what I shall be contributing to the goodie bags! hmmm......??!

Sally xox

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New in Store...

so, I've added another new listing to Jambo Chameleon on Etsy.

This is reminiscent of those 'glam' days of the eighties - with shows like Dallas and Dynasty, starring actors like Joan Collins and Victoria Principal, oh and ubiquitous shoulder pads!!

Joan Collins and Linda Evans square up in Dynasty

Well, inspired by this sparkly era, here's a little lucky dip of bling for you to create with - especially fun for making jewellery I would suggest.
Of course you may have your own super-creative ideas?

Let's take a look:

Lucky Dip Bling
Oh what fun!!
And for those of you a little more conservative*, I have added a new section for button sets
{* or just wanting matching buttons!!}
Here's an example (or two!):

many more coming, so do keep checking in!!

Hope these bright, kitschy sparkles have brightened your day a little,
Sally xox

Monday, June 20, 2011

Stationery Love - my latest finds

Oh I do sooooooo love greeting cards and stationery!
I am always buying cards for no other reason than I like them. They draw me in. I could (and occasionally do) spend hours in Stationery shops - such as the oh-so-fabulous Paperchase (my favourite!).

Recently, whilst visiting my local art shop, a cute patchwork elephant card jumped off the shelf to say hello to me! Upon inspecting the back to discover the name of the artist / designer (always my first response to an appealing design), I discovered a new card range to investigate - Jenny Frean. I found several of her cards, on the rack, which were all fab. The cards are published by the Art Group, and published by Jenny, who has run a  studio of talented designers since 1986.  First Eleven Studio is based in Sussex, UK.
The two designs above are by artist Rebecca Hoyes.

Also in the same art shop, was a stand of intriguing designs from La La Land - also a new discovery for me! Whilst they are not necessarily all styles of artwork that would normally appeal to me - they are a really fresh style. Something modern and different from the norm. Hooray for some originality!

by Art and Ghosts
by Flossy P

Greetings!!! lol
Sally x0x

Sunday, June 19, 2011

About Me ...


Recently Holly Becker of decorate asked Bloggers to pose in something striped and post the pic on their blog.

Me, being me, took the photo but missed the deadline.
I have decided to post the pic I took here anyway ...
(I've been playing with the Photo Booth on my new Mac!!).

talk to you soon,
hope the weekend has been good to you!

Sally x0x

Thursday, June 16, 2011

new in store...

My shop has (until a few days ago) been closed for about a month, due to life getting in the way!!
But it is now -re-open! Ta-da!!!
To celebrate that I want to add as many new items as I can - as soon as I can!!
You can help, by telling me:
Is there anything you would like to see more of - or something different you think I should add??

Until I have more pics to show you, take a look at my newest addition -

Pretty Vintage paper Ephemera pack / altered art kit / collage goodie bag

more info:

In these fab little kits you'll find lots of goodies for your scrapbooking or collages, they are packed full of at least 20+ items of vintage and new items of ephemera in pretty pastel shades...

they will all have a vintage Bingo card, vintage trim &/or small doily medallion,
and may also include any or all of the following: 
papers, postal stamps, buttons, playing cards, other game / flash cards, board game pieces, story-book cut-outs, handmade embellishments, manilla shipping tags, twine, ribbon, punchies / cut-outs from vintage books, carnival tickets and... 

These are fun for adding to your scrapbooking or cardmaking or altered art/ collage or 
ATC/ ACEO stash...

No two kits are the same, each contains its own unique goodies for you to play with!! A kind of lucky dip bag for scrapbookers, card-makers or altered art and collage fans.

...the photos show examples only of what you could receive.

Note: (These are stock photos), I have a huge stash I am drawing from, so you may or may NOT receive any of the items in the photos, but each kit will be similar!

You KNOW you want one!!!!!!!! :0) go buy one here!!! 
If you mention this post I will refund you 25% off your ephemera kit! (less girly ones also in stock).

This vintage brooch / pendant is also a new addition...

pretty, hey?!

Hope you are having a great week,

Sally xox

Thursday, June 2, 2011

So Stylish... a tale of two stylists named Emily!

Hello there, 
I've been daydreaming again!....

I sometimes think that being a stylist would be my dream job - I don't think I'd be that great at it though,
not enough confidence for it for a start!! I do however find it a fascinating and inspiring profession and I really admire the creative talents of good stylists, be it in food, fashion or interiors.

Recently I enjoyed watching season 6 of HGTV's Design Star, (it's a reality TV competition for interior designers, in the style of Project Runway type shows, if you haven't seen it). The winner was Emily Henderson, a stylist and she won her own TV show - "Secrets of a Stylist". I have noticed her work cropping up on the web a little lately, so I thought I'd do a little search to see more.

Here is some of her lovely work and a picture of the pretty lady herself:
Images (above) of Emily and her work via HGTV
Whilst searching for Emily Henderson, I accidentally came across another wonderful interior stylist, by the name of Emily Henson!
Here is some of HER fantastic work:
'Modern Eclectic Cottage' styled by Emily Henson (images via 79 ideas)

'vintage modern bathroom' via Emily's blog

They both have great style don't you think?

take care,
Sally x0x