Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fab Finds - A la Zebra!

I love Zebra's, I always have, but more so since being lucky enough to see wild ones in Kenya 14 years ago whilst honeymooning there!

If you do too - take a look at these fun, fab quirky Zebra products I have discovered on my web-travels!
(Please note however: I generally don't like the typical black and white zebra print things around, you know the naff kind, especially when teamed with hot pink and most of the zebra themed things I found were naff indeed!!).

1. How amazing is this zebra rocker by Daniel Cox of New Makers in the UK?

2.This vintage spinning top - featuring... yes, of course zebras is fab!!

3. This Zebra Barcode Artwork by Sassan Filsoof is fun!

4. and my favourite - from Anthropologie is this faux taxidermy head.

Sally x

Monday, September 3, 2012

Pintastic! colour combo ~ Pink & Gold

I have just been doing a little 'pinning' (it's one of my favourite ways to relax).
I was inspired to make a new colour combo board with pinks and golds.
Here are some of my fave pins from my sweet and pretty new board
(you can view the whole thing here if you like)...

from Martha Stuart Weddings

harmony by Kathe Fraga

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Artist Love - Australian Series - Kirra Jamison

Kirra Jamison is a young Australian artist. {A.very. talented. artist.}.  Born in Byron Bay but currently Melbourne based. 
Kirra draws upon mythology and fairy tales for inspiration to create her artworks of seemingly surreal worlds, with ambiguous narratives that are sometimes dark, sometimes whimsical and sometimes both at once! Kirra uses a kaleidoscopic palette and employs various techniques and mediums.

{photos of artworks via}
Surrender Star, Firstdraft, Sydney 8- 26 September 2010

Cosmic Might  by Kirra Jamison. 

Kirra in her studio by Daniel Mahon

Kirra has been featured on photographer Paul Barbera's "Where They create" series. The photo above and the ones below give you a sneak peek of her studio and creative life. Go visit for more fab pics.

You can also go take a "sticky beak" (an 'Australianism' for being nosy!!)
at Kirra and partner Dane Lovett's funky home on Design*Sponge here
Their colourful home is situated above their studio spaces amongst a community of artists.

or over at The Design Files.

For more information visit Kirra Jamison's website, or maybe you'd like to stop by Kirra's blog Keke,
inspired by time she spent living (and cooking) in Japan, she says of it:
"Keke is inspired by the people I know, the places they cook and the food we share. Keke likes to use organic, sustainable and ethically farmed ingredients whenever possible."
photos from Keke
Hope you enjoyed peeking into Kirra Jamison's creative world - I did!

Take care,
Sally xox


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Artist Love - Rosetta Santucci

Finding My Way Back {photo}
Dandelion Walk

Have you seen any of the fabulous paintings by Australian artist Rosetta Santucci - possibly in Nina Proudman's bedroom if you, like me,  obsessively watched Channel 10's Offspring?
{Weebirdy has a great blog post on how to get the 'Nina'-look here}.

{photo via Weebirdy}

I think this is my favourite of Rosetta's paintings (but it's hard to choose!).
Falling Into The Light  86cm x 61cm

Rosetta's husband John is also a talented artist, so it's no surprise to discover that they have a very stylish home, it's been featured on The Design Files, as well as a few magazines and Design*Sponge too.
My favourite rooms are the bedroom (below) and her painting studio.

Rosetta's fabulous and original style is influenced by her background in costume (for film /TV), jewellery & Textile design. She is particularly inspired by ethnic & tribal textiles.
Her work is also evocative of a birds eye view of exotic, fantastical landscapes. Imagine a land or a world with that much colour....

{bedroom & studio photos - via The Design Files}
Rosetta in Real Living mag 
I know The way Out {photo}

Sally xox

Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Marvellous - Geometric Goodies

I haven't done a "Monday Marvellous" post for quite some time so I thought it was time to bring it back and share some of the things I have been looking at recently...
I am enjoying the trend in design-land for all things geometric right now. I usually prefer softer, more organic shapes, but all those chevrons and triangles are very cool indeed.
Here's a selection of some on-trend, fun geometric-y things from Etsy...

*printed fabrics by Catherine Codega
*triangle tape by Seventy Tree
*large chevrons pillow by Nesta Home
*small chevrons pillow by Pure Home Accents
*mugs by Jill Rosenwald
*painting by Misha Blaise
*cross-stitch necklace by skrynka

here's another of my Monday Marvellous posts - on firework inspired design
it's 'an oldie but a goodie'!! 

Sally xox

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Girl Crush - Clare Bowditch.

 I have a girlie-crush on Clare Bowditch.  If I was a guy I would find her totally hot I am sure!! :)
she can act really well, sing super-super-well, is beautiful, intelligent, politically-minded, stylish, really funny and I bet she's even good at baking cakes! I also LOVE the fact that she is a busy mum of three, who is honest about not always doing a perfect job - in fact she describes the juggling of a busy creative career and family life as "delicious chaos!"{I like it!}!
She is real. GO CLARE!!
photo by Pip Lincolne
at Meet me at Mike's

AND great news! ...Clare has begun developing "a quietly brilliant mentoring program for big-hearted creative-entrepreneurial-types who want to make their living doing the things they love (and make the world a better place at the same time!)". For more information, email

I discovered Clare's wonderful music through her playing the character Rosanna in my favourite TV show, Offspring, which stars Asher Keddie, another girlie-crush of mine).

I soooo love this track "You Make Me Happy" from the show.

 Clare's latest album "Modern Day Addiction" is out now. Maybe you'd like to buy it from here, or just drop by Clare's website to hear more songs and/or learn more about the lovely lady! As I mentioned earlier - I think Clare has a great sense of style, and I love the style of her 'Offspring' character Rosanna also. I think (Clare if you ever read this and I am horribly wrong please correct me), that the two ladies' styles are similar. {Except maybe Clare wears more black than Rosanna perhaps...?!} Clare says of her fashion style:
 "Many of my dresses are from a small but brilliant dress-making company called Lazybones, who I discovered in 2009. Some of them are from Boom Shankar. Many of them are old and from old-ish shops. There might even be a few from a fashion shop called K-mart. When I am dressing up, I like Easton Pearson, Mariana Hardwick, Leona Edminston and Akira."
Here is a little 'steal her style' kinda segment (but stealing is not nice, so just take a little inspiration and make it your own!).
Rosanna & Mick (Eddie Perfect) - photo sourced from Channel 10
'Steal' Rosanna's Style: 
{please forgive my sloppy blog collage, it's my first try!!}
(1thru 8 are Etsy finds, please click on links to view details)
1. cropped cardi 2. Upcylcled vintage necklace 3. Red rose shoes 4. Handmade vintage style tea dress from sohomode 5. Vintage earrings  6. Plastic hoop earrings 7. 1980's bangle 8. vintage Liz Claiborne pumps  9. Dresses by Lazybones Hope you are having a great weekend!

Sally x0x