Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hey you - it's been a while.....!!

image by Kerry Valentine

Have you ever had that feeling of STOP THE WORLD I WANT TO GET OFF!!?

I did. I sometimes do. I kinda did just that for the last 4 months or so. For instance I closed my Etsy shop and I stopped blogging (my last post was waaaay back in September, I had no idea it had been that long!), I even stopped obsessively 'pinning' (on Pinterest that is - we are not talking voodoo dolls here!)...

I won't delve far into the reasons as I don't want to bore you, but there was a death, (my beloved Nonna), kids (not new ones, the same two I already "own" or frequently dis-own!!), my Mum coming for a 3 month visit (we are just over half way), Christmas, then the long school holidays... a continuously travelling husband and most of all FIBROMYALGIA (from which I have been suffering to varying degrees since I was about 18, that's more than 20 years. Let's not talk exact numbers here!).

Anyway, I checked my shop the other day and found an invite from Etsy admin to a networking / Feedback morning tea event and I do so hate to turn down opportunites. It also coincides with the latest ABCD meet-up - again despite diminished self-confidence (never my greatest asset), I cannot turn down this opportunity. The ABCD meet-ups are always lovely anyway, even if they do pull me (just a tad reluctantly) out of my comfort zone.

Both are tomorrow - please wish me confidence and a good time!! :0)
ABCD Meet-Up  (graphic by Lisa)

It has made me want to return to my virtual world of all things creative. I didn't realise I had missed it so much!

So 'Honey I'm home!'

I will be back to tell you about said events, and hopefully bringing you news of creative endeavours in the not too distant future. At the very least I want to start actually MAKING stuff instead of just thinking about it! I may even get my sewing machine out of it's box, my paints out of the old vodka-presentation-tin they were banished to years ago. They may be dried out - so I may buy more. I will. Indeed I will! {She says with great conviction!}

Now, I'm off to reopen my shop....
come by and say HI.
I'll make us some tea!

Love Sally xox