Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Circus Birthday Party Fun...

.... 'Cirque du Finny at Looney Park'!
My eldest munchkin just turned eight. Yes 8! I cannot believe it. EIGHT!!! Already?!
Only yesterday( it seems) he looked like this (the one in red)!

But now. Suddenly. He looks like this. {note: not his real ears. It was EASTER!)
Finn - March 2013
My boys decide what kind of party they want to have next time, straight after their birthday. Sometimes that very day! Surprisingly they stick to it too. Last year it was Pokemon. Groan. No fun for me.
So I formed a cunning plan for this year....

Here in Sydney we have a local permanent Fairground called "Luna Park", which my boys like to visit (occasionally) and when they do, they really love the side-show games. They also enjoyed going to Cirque Du Soleil last year. So... I suggested a Circus-y themed party. After a tiny bit of persuasion he agreed. Some time, a fun Pinterest board, some shopping and some baking later, I made & hosted a circus-y party.
It went well.
Here are a few of my favourite inspiring images & ideas from my Pinterest board:
         Mateo's Circus cake       
Retro Wagon popcorn bags
Circus party from Bird's Party
fab circus cake
Here's a peek at my attempt at a circus-y party.
{from Lolly bags (which included caramel popcorn and candy Floss and was presented in a popcorn bag) to the games, the dressing up and circus tent photo-booth, to the birthday cake and cupcakes...}

It's in the details right?...my circus inspired shoes!! 
I had so much fun decorating the cup-cakes (which I topped with melted white chocolate, popcorn & lollies).
Note: I topped the cake that sat atop the cake stand, with these fab free print-outs from
I was so thrilled when I found them, especially as I had pull the whole party together in a day!

Finally my favourite photo from the day, our little friend's face captures the fun! It was a blast!

At least 5 of Mr 8's pals said it was the "best party ev-ver"! SCORE! High Fives all round!!
It will most likely be his last birthday party so we are going out on a high. A sugar high no doubt.
But a high all the same. He is happy. I am happy. Even little brother is happy.
Result! :)

Take care,
Sally xox