Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Textile Love ~ Artist Inspired designs

Here are some fabulous, colourful textile designs (and indeed fabrics you can purchase) by Alexander Henry, that have been inspired by art. These will brighten your day for sure! x

'La Vie En Rose' collection designs (above) by Alexander Henry
                                    Alexander Henry Indochine Harajuku Lady
from the Rivoli collection
Have a great day,
Sally x0x

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Best of Bedlinen

A round-up of some fabulous bedding! Yay for Textiles! Enjoy x

(I know these designs are not for the fainthearted but, hey I AM a Textile designer after-all! I don't really go for the calm white kinda bedding. I like it, don't get me wrong, I just love a bit of colour on MY bed!!).

above designs all from Urban Outfitters 
(my fave on is the third down from the top! How about you?)

above 3 designs from Anthropologie

The last 3 are from the Scandinavian design Center
Sally x0x

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Monday Marvellous - Christmas Wreaths

{wreaths: image}
Well, the festive season is soon to be upon us. I've done most of my gift shopping, I've started to think about preparing the advent calendar, writing the cards and so on, I'm sure it will all snowball from here (pardon the pun!!).
 So let's start to get in the Christmas mood with these fab modern wreaths from Etsy (below)...

Images - From top to bottom:

Eclectic rag wreath

Button wreath

Blue & silver wreath 

Geometric wreath

Cranberry wreath

wreath pdf sewing pattern

I'm thinking of making one myself this year. I never have before, In fact a wreath is not something we usually have in my family, but I'm thinking 'why not?' this year! I'll let you know (if I find the time, and) if I do it!!

Here is my favourite one that I have found (on the internet at Pickles. ) Cute, hey?!

I love this one too!
here's the fabulous tutorial on how to make it

Finally, here are some more links to tutorials I found on the web, and some 'round-ups' of wreaths too!

Feel free to send me photos your wreath if you make one!

Have a great week,
Sally x0x

Saturday, November 26, 2011

a new blog on the way....

I have decided to create a new blog for crafting with kids!

...I do a lot of crafting with kids myself!
Both at my boys' School & Preschool and at home. I love it. THEY love it. Win win!
So I thought I'd start a blog.
I'm stuck on a name a little at the moment and also deciding Blogger or Wordpress - something else instead?? Need to design my banner, prepare some projects, posts and so on. There will be ideas, tutorials, giveaways and more. Hope I get time to put it all in place very soon as I am super excited about this!!

Anyway here's some imagery to whet your appetite ~ hope you will join me when the time comes!

{All images taken by me!}

I do hope you'll join me.
I'd love suggestions, photos of your kids work, guest bloggers and so on.

Hope your weekend is bright and cheery - the weather certainly isn't here, but that doesn't mean we can't be in ourselves, right?! Hubby has just made me some delicious scrambled egg, so that's a great start...!

Sally xox

Friday, November 25, 2011

Designer Love - Mr.PS by Megan Price

Hi there! 
On this very wet and unseasonably cold Sydney Spring day, my thoughts turn to home. My homeland that is. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I am an English expat and sometimes I am drawn to things that remind me of 'Blighty', and my childhood, (I guess most of us have at least some fond memories of being a kid that we like to re-visit from time to time!).

I had fish and chips for dinner this evening - with brown (malt) vinegar of course. That's the English way.
It reminded me of one of my favourite Etsy shops - Mr.PS.
{Fish n Chips screenprint on paper - buy here}
I love the work of Megan Price who owns said Etsy shop. 
Her designs are in just the kind of Quintessentially-British-but-fun, retro style that I adore. 

...Think pots of tea, fry-ups for brekkie, fish and chips, 'bangers' and mash, pick and mix sweets and the ice cream van that came round after tea on a Sunday, offering up 99's, FAB's, Rocket Lollies and Snowballs... (did you have all of those where you are from? Are you OLD enough to remember them?? Not to mention 'Chopper' & 'Tomahawk' bicycles and Holly Hobby knee-high white socks!!!!).
I digress. Forgive me!

Anyway, as I was saying (before I oh so rudely interrupted myself!)...
Megan's screen-printed wares are quirky and British and really rather fabbo!

Megan, who is based in Greater Manchester, trained in illustration and has a passion for PRINT. 
Her hand screen-printed, hand finished  products, such as tea towels and tote bags;
 feature whimsical, bold graphics, line drawings and messages. 

Her Design inspiration comes from vintage signage, food and drinks, and the great British seaside, such as Brighton, Blackpool or good old Skegness! 

Here are some more pics of her wares:

Find out more about Megan here, or visit her shop, Mr. PS here.

All images by Megan Price.

Thanks for stopping by,

Happy weekend!

Love Sally xox

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Favourite Things - Sculptures By The Sea

Hi there friends!  :0)
Last Monday I got to do one of my very favourite things - visit the Sculptures By The Sea exhibition at Bondi Beach (where it begins, and continues along a pleasant coastline walk to Bronte Beach).

This, for me, is one of the highlights of living in Sydney! It's an annual event and seems to be increasing in popularity every year - which I have to admit takes the shine off a little, as it now gets really crowded.
Precisely why we went after school on Monday instead of at the weekend.

We went with friends from school, and a swim in the ocean, then fish and chips at the beach followed our sweltering sculpture-viewing-walk (it was 44 degrees!) - so the kids had a blast!!

Here are my highlights of a fun afternoon:

{this one by Ken Unsworth won the Kid's Choice Award}

My personal favourite - by Byeong Doo Moon, and winner of the
Allens Arthur Robinson People's Choice Award

Hope you're having a great week!
Sally xox