Thursday, March 3, 2011

Treasury Time!!

I have recently been featured in several lovely treasuries...
{I do regularly seem to be very lucky in this respect, oh how nice to be noticed, in that huge sea of talent
 and creative 'STUFF' we call "Etsy"!!!} are three of my recent favourites, followed by one of my own that I am fond of!!

curated by Lady Frans library ♥ (go visit to see her lovely vintage books) ♥

curated by Spare Bedroom Studio {you should visit there for great mobiles!}

curated by Crystal of Domestic But Not Martha blog

curated by yours truly (yup, self flaunting, shameless I KNOW!!
more of my treasuries can be found here should you have an interest!!!?!

{BTW this one made it to Etsy's FRONT PAGE! yaay}
Do you like making treasuries?
I find it really relaxing.
Show me your favourite one(s), if you like. [Leave the link in comments to this post]

Have a great day (it's nearly the week end!!),

Sally xox

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  1. I LOVE treasuries! Yours is lovely - books are super gorgeous things to put in treasuries.