Thursday, January 26, 2012

Milk & Honey

Hello everyone!  Happy Australia Day!

If you are in Australia, how have you spent the day? We have been reading, playing (the boys), de-cluttering and having a good old Aussie BBQ!

... Anyway, I was thinking that today is a great opportunity to share with you, a celebration of our life here, (it's coming up to ten years since my husband and I immigrated)!
I love where I live, so when I won a fabulous photo shoot from the awesome photography studio Milk & Honey, {courtesy of Bondville}, I wanted to use it to have a visual reminder of our happy times here. I've enjoyed many an hour with my boys, at our various favourite local parks. Several of them have fabulous views, so I chose one that is quintessentially 'SYDNEY' with it's views of the city, the Harbour Bridge, Anzac Bridge and myriad passing boats, (including the lovely old Sydney Ferries). We've had many a picnic at this particular park!

Matthew took our photos, the boys thoroughly enjoyed the shoot and I felt relaxed and at ease too, even though I usually hate having my photo taken!
He even rewarded them with the hugest, stripiest lollipops they had ever seen, which were apparently also the yummiest too!!

I was thrilled with the results, and so were my husband, and my family in the UK, whom I surprised with prints as Christmas gifts. My favourite was the triple matted story of three prints which was part of my generous prize. I also bought hubs a fantastic little bound book full of images, which meant being able to take home 18 of the fab shots!

  I'd love to share some of the wonderful pics with you here.

ahhh, I do love my boys so!!

Steph, over at Bondville has also just shared some of the pics - you can see her post here.

I thoroughly recommend Milk & Honey - so if you'd like to see more of Anni and Matthew's fabulous photography, you can visit them on Facebook or at their website or their blog.

Thanks to Steph, Matthew and Anni, {three lovely, lovely people!}

Happy Australia day to all!

Love & hugs,
Sally xox

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