Saturday, May 5, 2012

one of those days?!... ah but wait it's a new kind...

caution: KIDS.

thus we can only go be right! right?

It's been a while. sorry. It's been school holidays and I was sick for 3 weeks and... well that's all boring...
I'm here now!

I wanted to ask you if you have those kinds of days where it all seems wrong and hard and depressing and you keep saying to yourself or anyone who'll listen "I'm having 'ONE OF THOSE DAYS'!"?

I do. But luckily for me today is the opposite.
I am having a positive, sunny, funny happy day. Usually nothing remarkably bad has happened on the other kind of day and today nothing remarkably good has happened in fact.
So. What's the difference, I don't know? The side of the bed I got out of / the weather (in my case it may well be), anyhoo, I think it mostly comes down to attitude. My attitude.

Positivity and being able to laugh at yourself are key.
You see this morning we did the usual stressful rush to school, lots of shouting, followed by hearing the bell ring as we were almost approaching the gate. Phew, no late note at least, but not the best start to the day. For any of us. People notice it too, the lateness that is.

I had a quick coffee next with a couple of good mum-friends, another (quite handsome) dad-friend, walks by and asks 'were you late AGAIN today?'... hmm, looks like YES, people are noticing we are late. EVERY day!!
I paused to think of a witty answer for him but instead, in that precise moment, a realisation dawned on me that I have spent ALL my life thinking I am no good at anything much, but I realised, that in fact I am ACTUALLY REALLY VERY GOOD INDEED AT BEING LATE!
More things too, Procrastination is one of my star talents, (even more so than my tardiness), I'm pretty hot at poor-time-management too............... you get the idea!

I of course shared this insight, making said friends laugh and instantly my day shot uphill. I like to make people laugh. But I also like to be positive and be able to laugh at myself! (Hopefully my friends were laughing with me rather than at me, but hey at the end of the day a laugh is a laugh!).

Okay maybe I take self-deprecation too far, but I think what I ACTUALLY realised and finally accepted is I am way too hard on myself.

I feel like I let go a bit today and feel lighter.

I enjoyed my coffee. I went on to a great yoga class. Then I came home and had a glorious walk in the sun with  Instagram (my new obsession) as my quiet companion. I saw beauty in the ordinary. Beauty pretty much with every step.

I already keep up a grateful album on my Facebook, because I love how noticing and being grateful for simple pleasures makes like so much better. The laughing helps too.

Not all moments or days will be good, but I hope I can remember not to necessarily write the whole day off as bad next time I have "one of those days", I want to try to recapture some of the feeling of "one of these days"!! I will try to concentrate on finding the beautiful, the funny, the tasty etc
 I will try to think of the bad bits as just MOMENTS or incidents, and remind myself the day can turn around at any time.

My advice to you when you have one of those days (and to my negative-alter-ego) is try to do any or ALL of the following:

BE KIND TO YOURSELF. #  TRY TO DO SOMETHING YOU LIKE #  DO SOMETHING USEFUL (crossing off your to-do list is uplifting right?!) #   AVOID PEOPLE WHO ARE BAD FOR YOU #  EXERCISE OR GO FOR A WALK#  GET ABSORBED IN SOMETHING YOU FIND FUN OR RELAXING (like reading or Instagram or Pinterest!)....
 {or swear and stamp your feet etc first and then do it!!! hehe :0)}
Failing all else - go buy chocolate or have a 'Nanna-Nap' if you can!
And remind yourself this feeling will not last for ever!!!

This post is illustrated with the photos I took on my walk in the sunshine just now.

Are you on Instagram? Do you like it?

Let me know your username if you like, I'll check you out! 
I'm Sali_chameleon

me trying out the idea of uber long legs!

Now it's time for some soup!
hope you are having a positive day,

Sally x

{footnote: this was yesterday's day. i am tardy in my posting. See, I'm good!!!}


  1. Hi Sally

    it's great to 'meet you' via the BYW course! Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hello. I love this post about enjoying simple everyday moments and I'm also addicted to instagram. I think it's because you always have your mobile phone to hand that you can capture these lovely moments. Now I'm off to follow you there :-)


  2. Hi Aisling!
    Thanks for stopping by. It's lovely to 'meet' you too :)

    I'll look out for you on Instagram,