Friday, May 17, 2013

Craft Queen - {Australia's answer to Martha} - Pip Lincolne!

(photo bySimon Schluter from an article in SMH)

Tomorrow I am going to a "Voices of 2013" Masterclass, on blogging and one of my favourite creative people Pip Lincolne will be talking there (see Miss Pip's photo above).

The Voices of 2013 website is where you can find lots of bloggers; in the Creative + Home category of Voices 2013 you will find those whom are into all things crafty, including sewing, art, interior design, writing, collecting vintage treasures and more. YAY!! :)
These include The Design Files, DayDream LilyUpon a Fold and of course Meet Me at Mikes 
(Pip Lincolne's own blog)
You can view a section on very creative 'creative spaces' here. So much fun! 

Image from Upon a Fold

Pip's Pompom rug as seen in issue 52 of  Frankie mag, (via Meet Me at Mikes blog).
...So, tomorrow... as I mentioned, Pip Lincolne is speaking at the Voices of 2013 Masterclass. (Exciting!)
I'm sure if you are of a crafty nature you will know of Pip Lincolne.
I think of her as The Craft Queen of Australia (as I'm sure do many of us crafty-peeps), I am a fan.
I have all her books. Pip blogs, crafts, writes for Frankie mag, edits JustB, she set up the  'Brown Owls' craft group, has been on TV, has been featured in lots of publications.... she is a Mum of 3, a stylish-clog wearer, a good cook....
She is to put it in one of her own fave words pretty RAD!!

Here are a couple of Pip-things. Images borrowed from Meet Me at Mikes.
Oh did I mention Pip is very good at crochet?!
I am looking forward to hearing Pip's inspiring words tomorrow and to see what else is in store for us.

I shall report back soon!

Take care,
love Sally x0x

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