Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design Inspiring Quotations competition

I entered a competition today.
I have been doing a brilliant e-course (The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design), in an attempt to resurrect my career as a Textile /Surface Pattern Designer.
It's been almost 9 years since I worked full time as a designer (in another lifetime pre-kids!!).
I am rusty, my technical skills need updating and certainly my confidence does. The course does all this and gives you great tips, contacts, resources and probably best of all great support from your fellow students in the private Facebook group for your module.

I have done modules 1 and 2 and will shortly be beginning module 3.

The students and alumni were offered the opportunity to submit a design giving our own testimonials in a typographic style, but using our own style.

I'm afraid I left mine until the last minute and rushed the typographic part, but it was fun and I was quite pleased with the result! I based my design on that feeling you got as a child of not being held back by fear - the feeling you can soar or fly up to the sky on the swings! Do you remember that?

Here it is.

Here is one of the others.
By Tasha Goddard

Did you enter to?

Have you tired any e-courses?

Well, wish me luck!
{The next little design project to work on is the Great Big Postcard swap.....}


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