Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fab Finds

I spend a LOT of time on the internet and I am always finding fab things.

I'd like to share these with you my friends, so this is the first post, of what will be a regular feature on my blog, and I shall name it "Fab Finds!"!!
{Rather apt, no??!!}   : )

Endless Summer brooch by Fleur Fatale

This morning some guys came and trimmed the overgrown, unruly bush, outside my workroom window. Said bush was right up to the roof, but now there's lots more light coming in and I can see the blue sky, lots of green leaves, and the house opposite is painted a kind of pale chartreuse green.

So, today I am inspired by combinations of different blues and greens. 
 I am especially loving the pairing of 

Rivers Edge - blue, green artisan earrings by CayennePeppy 

Meet the DOT the  Owl

Origami Lotus Flower Decoration or Favor handmade by Fish and Lotus

What colour combinations are inspiring YOU today? 

     Sally x


  1. Love that combo Sally! I've been working with it myself today with some fabric dummy clips!! Such a summery colour combination :)

  2. very nice collection of finds! thanks so much!!!!