Wednesday, October 27, 2010

watch this!

Hey, hey - I just watched this fab clip of the awesome Miss Pip (Lincolne), Crafting Queen of Meet Me At Mike's fame, appearing on TV ( The Circle ), to talk about how Nanna-crafts are cool once more.

{If you are reading this - you knew that already, but not everyone is as cool as you and I right??!}

watch here:

Of course I am not the only fan of Pip, here her new book is featured on one of my absolute favourite blogs.

photo borrowed from The Design Files blog
  Pip Lincolne is a TV-natural - warm, effervesent & inspiring. She makes me want to make things.
Now I want to make a shirt cushion...EVEN I could sew one of those!!! : )

I can't wait to buy her new book Sew La Tea Do

Sally x0x

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