Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Flowers for YOU!!!

lovely card from Smock paper on Etsy

Hello, how are you today?

So, yesterday was 'THAT' day (♥ the 14th Feb ♥),
did you get any Valentine goodies??

I was lucky enough to receive from 'Hubs' a card, a yummy mint chocolate bar and a Terry's Choc. Orange (YUMMO!!).

Anyway, my Lovlies, for those of you who were
not so lucky in love this year...

I would like to give you some flowers!

Photos from Nature Mandalas on Etsy
Spoil yourself is what I say, you don't necessarily need someone else to do it, do you?
...show YOURSELF some love!! yay!

What are your favourite ways to give yourself a treat?

I like to buy a magazine, chocolate or have a Pedicure (if I ever have the time, inclination, money etc!!).
If not it's usually a nice hot bath, or just a cup of tea - whatever I can manage between 'Mum duties'
and so on!

Sally xox

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