Sunday, April 24, 2011


cute bunny garland
Hello Lovlies,
it's Easter Sunday. 
I hope you are having a great long weekend. Here we are lucky, we have five days off. Yes FIVE! It's a public holiday on monday because it's Easter Monday, but it is also 'Anzac Day' (which coincidentally is ALSO my birthday!!). Well because the two holidays coincide we have been lucky enough to have Anzac Day on tuesday in lieu of monday. Yaay!!

Chocolate, family time and extra sleep, my idea of heaven!! :)

Aren't these brioche bunnies cute?! (pic on right).
Will you be having anything special this easter? Do you have traditional family recipes or meals?
We don't, just chocolate and maybe store bought hot cross buns.
from Martha Stewart

I love the pretty spring colours associated with easter, don't you? (Even though, for us it's Autumn,
having grown up in the UK, for me Easter is synonymous with spring).

have a lovely easter,
Sally x0x

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  1. Wow - love those flowers in eggcups - Martha Stewart is just amazing at thinking up ideas! Happy Easter to you too :-)