Thursday, April 28, 2011

INSPIRING but seriously addictive...


I have previously, already mentioned my love for Pinterest, but boy am I hooked at the moment!!
Oh dear! But really it's quite amazing. It is honestly!!

It (almost) makes me feel kind of like I do when I am travelling - freshly inspired, full of ideas, enthusiasm and optimism!! Don't believe me? Try it.
You may feel the same, and even if you don't I bet you will have at least one new idea from your visit...

if you have not discovered it for yourself yet - let me explain... it is a site and plugin that allows you to collect images that catch your eye, as you surf the net. 

You simply sign up and install the "pin it" plugin to your browser. Then when you visit your favourite sites or blogs and see an image you love, and would like to store in a safe place for later, you just click on 'Pin It' in your bookmarks bar,  then you can save it with a comment to your Pinterest account into boards you make of similar things, be it by colour, by type, by any classification that takes your fancy!

You can also browse other memer's "pins" and add them to your own collection.

 It is such a great tool for inspiration and ideas, to be kept in a quick, organised manner.

I have boards for colour inspiration, ideas collated for my future dream home (one day maybe...!!),
recipe ideas, clothes I like, quotes which inspire me, people whom inspire me and whom I admire,
products I love, a collection of clever ideas and tips....

all up - I have 55 boards at the moment.
There seems to be no limit to the amount you can store.

 Pinterest is highly addictive, I can take no responsibility for any hours/ days/ even WEEKS you 'waste' being lost in the land of pinning!

HOWEVER, remember:
Here are a few of my most recent discoveries:

Another similar resource is POLYVORE which is also fun website for collecting images (you may wish to check that one out too, if you haven't already!  Many Pinteresters use it!) But, I don't find it as user friendly or inspiring, personally.



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  1. I hear you! I am so addicted too!

    Great post.

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