Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Artist and Designer collaboration - Something Special....

As some of you will know, my last position of employment (before having my bubbas), was as Textile Designer for the awesome, world famous artist Ken Done, at his company 'Done Art & Design' in Sydney.
"Paintings of Things in the Sea"
It was a 'fantabulous' job and I LOVED it!! 
The office was full of light, colour, warmth (the human kind), and my role was interesting, fun and technically challenging at times, but always rewarding.

Ken, his lovely wife (and the company fashion designer) Judy Done, and the rest of the team, which included their 'kids' Camilla and Oscar were wonderful - in a sense they were like a surrogate family to this
here ex-pat! I had only moved from the UK to Australia about a year prior to working at Done.
one of the designs I worked on (above)

Incidentally, I had been a big fan of Ken's work for many years, and upon deciding to emigrate to Australia, I had decided I wanted to work for him. Hey Presto - funny how life sometimes obliges isn't it? Faith, hard work, good luck, being in the right place at the right time??? Let's just call it SERENDIPITY!!

Today, I came across (via Printsource blog), a collaboration of Ken's with designer/ artist Natalie Wood and her label Something Else.

'Something Else' fulfils Natalie’s desire to combine different creative disciplines; blending art and fashion.  She collaborates on collections with respected artists, such as Georgina Cullum, Michaela Saunders, Skullux and Tara Marynowski.  
The results are 'street-chic', edgy clothes, intended for "women who share Wood’s appreciation for art, music, popular culture and nature".
photos via Style Bubble


  1. Very interesting post. I was just talking to my sister about my niece who will head to college in a year and I am encouraging her to explore art colleges. My sister asked me what her daughter could do with an art degree and one of my responses was textile design. I think I would have loved that job, but took a different path. Anyhow, any advice for my niece I could pass on? What was your background? Thanks for any help!

  2. WOW - I am still a huge Ken Done fan!!! I have bedspreads, curtains (see my blog) placemats, bikinis, limited edition prints... you name it and I got it!!! Must check this new blog out! Thanks Sally :-) Lucky you working for Mr Done! Would love to meet him one day - I would probably be speechless... O_O

  3. Hi Katherine, sorry for my late reply - I have not been able to log in to Blogger for a while for some technical-hitch kind of reason!

    My background is in Textiles, it's what I studied at Uni, and pretty much what I have always done.

    An Art degree can lead you on to many career paths, so tell your sister not to worry. I have friends with Art based degrees, whom have ended up in diverse jobs eg teacher, florist, graphic designer, illustrator, buyer...

  4. Thanks for the reply, Sally. I'm still figuring out how to receive replies from blogs without checking back with the blog--if that makes any sense. I was just thinking about this again and thought, hey, I wonder if she replied, so found your post again and here I am...Isn't technology confusing sometimes? :-P Thanks again!