Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the fog is finally clearing....

Hello Lovlies,
long time no see!!

...phew-ee, I am finally starting to feel better after a particularly nasty and debilitating bout of old 'influenza'!
It was a full-on flu virus, not a bad cold masquerading as "flu"!
There was some initial concern, from the doctor I saw, that I had viral meningitis, so a few trips to the hospital ensued, with blood tests, X-rays etc, and after a few days, I was finally deemed to have "a flu virus with an Encephalitis component"- (eww, swollen, infected brain! Let's not go there......).

Anyway, at it's worst, I passed out, onto my tiled bathroom floor in the middle of the night, ending up with a rather spectacular 'black-eye' (although it was rather more yellow than black!) and gashed brow-bone.
 Here I am (above) a few days after the 'incident' with my stitches, (once I'd got to the being able to get-out-of-bed-for-a-while stage!!)!

Of course - as always, I found a silver lining or two!

1. Some of my new (fellow-school-mum) friends were very kind, one made me some delicious chicken soup, and another (whom I hardly know) gave me gorgeous, cheery, yellow tulips
(here's a similar chicken soup recipe for you )

image from e-how Home

2. I found some time to read a book, "Pay it forward" by Catherine Hyde Ryan
3. the piece de resistance  - I lost 2 kilos of weight!! Not a diet I'd recommend, but still a good outcome!! lol

Now, I have so much I need to / want to do, including lots I'd like to blog about, but not enough time / energy right now! In time though my friends, I will try to actually pass some of it on!
For example, I have recently had my son's Dinosaur birthday party for which I made a pinata, and I'd like to share with you how I did this (my first tutorial!); I had my birthday and thus was given a great cook book, so I'd like to share some recipes with you guys;... I have a stockist for my wares that I'd like to introduce to you;  I also want to pass on the kindness I received, by some kind of pay-it-forward gesture....oh and more..... there's ALWAYS more!!
Do you blog? Do you write blog posts in your head that never make it to your actual blog??!

Well, anyhoo, I had my stitches out yesterday and my eye is healing really well, this is me today!
smiling again!!
Hope you are having a good week my Lovlies,
I will leave you with this pretty, cheerful yellow bedroom, inspired by those tulips I received of course!
If you love yellow, you might want to check out my "Pinterest" "sunshine' board here -

Sally x0x

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  1. Glad you are on the mend! and back to blogging. Yes, I too have all kinds of ideas for blogging then take weeks off and run out of time to post them. I am catching up on things now and am also thinking about posting my first tutorial. We just had a birthday party too...anyhow. Hope you continue to feel better!