Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New in Store...

so, I've added another new listing to Jambo Chameleon on Etsy.

This is reminiscent of those 'glam' days of the eighties - with shows like Dallas and Dynasty, starring actors like Joan Collins and Victoria Principal, oh and ubiquitous shoulder pads!!

Joan Collins and Linda Evans square up in Dynasty

Well, inspired by this sparkly era, here's a little lucky dip of bling for you to create with - especially fun for making jewellery I would suggest.
Of course you may have your own super-creative ideas?

Let's take a look:

Lucky Dip Bling
Oh what fun!!
And for those of you a little more conservative*, I have added a new section for button sets
{* or just wanting matching buttons!!}
Here's an example (or two!):

many more coming, so do keep checking in!!

Hope these bright, kitschy sparkles have brightened your day a little,
Sally xox

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  1. I used to love those shows! It's definitely coming back--I wonder how it will be different though...