Monday, June 27, 2011

It's that time again... the ABCD (Winter) meet-up is coming soon...VERY soon!

This Thursday the SYDNEY ABCD meet-up will take place...........

ABCD (Artists + Bloggers + Crafters + Designers) which was co-founded by Steph Bond  from Bondville and Kim Wallace from Udessi, hold quarterly meetups as a chance for art, design and craft bloggers to get out from behind their computers and meet face-to-face at a casual get-together. 
Steph says "The meet-ups have no set structure, and are designed to be an informal gathering at a bar or cafe on a Thursday evening. ABCD Meetups have resulted in new friendships and some great design collaborations!"

If you want to come along to any meet-ups, you simply need to RSVP before the event date, and are given a name badge at the meet-up. Attendees are also given the opportunity to share something with the other participants in an ABCD goodie bag. This a more effective, and more funway to help others remember you! 

Last time I made some paper embellishments, and put them in a bag, with a postcard, my card and a sweetie! :)

As I said above, the next ABCD Meetup will be in Sydney, THIS Thursday { 30th June }, hosted by Steph Bond Hutkin from Bondville and Lisa Tilse from the red thread. 

I'm looking forward to having a catch-up with creative people, some I met last time, and some new faces - it doesn't happen for me very often these days. I miss it. (In fact with two small kids, and my family 12,000 miles or so away, I don't even get out that much at all!!!)

I'll let you know how it goes, and give you a peek in the goodie bag!!

In the meantime, I'd better decide what I shall be contributing to the goodie bags! hmmm......??!

Sally xox

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  1. Hi Sally, thanks for entering my giveaway, I am going to the ABCD Thursday night too...look forward to meeting you. Now a follower :)