Sunday, June 24, 2012

STILL ~ Stunning Photography by Mary Jo Hoffman

Mary Jo Hoffman has a beautiful blog STILL where for one year {2012} she posts a daily image of found natural objects.
The images are stunning.
Here are a few of my favourites:

Why not check out her blog and see if you can challenge yourself to choose 3 or 4 favourites.
The first four I have shown above are my faves {I think?!}.

...oh, look what I just found - a sneak peek of Mary Jo's home - showcasing her photos to wonderful effect in this great display (discovered via the awesome Design Sponge blog).

Sally x0x


  1. Hi Sally-
    I am so flattered by this feature. You did such a beautiful job, and you picked several of my favs!
    Now I am going to go poke around the rest of your site, it looks so inviting...
    Mary Jo

  2. oh! Hi Mary-Jo,
    I am also flattered (very), that you stopped by to visit and took the time to leave me a lovely message!
    Thank you!
    I LOVE your work!
    Have a great day,

  3. Wonderful photos - LOVE the sea glass... thanks Sally - always great to see your post x

  4. Thanks Deborah!
    Always nice to have you visit!
    Sally x

  5. Wow, I can see why you like them. Very beautiful, clear, and simple. Thanks for sharing!

    1. yes, aren't they Noreen? I find the concept really interesting too.
      Thanks for commenting.
      Sally :)