Thursday, December 23, 2010

a HaNdMaDe ChRiStMaS

Hello you!
I hope by now you have had your mad rush and are pretty well prepared for Christmas, and thus quite relaxed.   Or even VERY relaxed, that would be even better!!

I think I am just about there. I just have presents to wrap for the kids (when they are sleeping or something!).

I don't usually receive anything handmade at Christmas, with the exception of one or two cards, from creative friends back in the UK.
However, this year I have received a few beautiful handmade gifts.

1. A painting by my 3 year old son and a decoration made by my 5 year old son. (neither shown)
2. Sleighs decorated by said little men!
3. A box full of Christmas themed crafty supplies, including these gorgeous hand-made tags. This gift is from a very creative and kind person, who began as a customer in my Etsy shop and is now one of my friends! : )
4. A hand decorated Italian 'Pandoro' Christmas cake. Made even more special, because it was lovingly decorated with sweets from the 'British Lolly Shop', for a little touch of home!! How thoughtful. It is truly one of the nicest presents I have ever received. It tastes yummy too! {nom nom nom!!!}

Finally here is a hand-made card I just made for someone pretty special!
I used mostly vintage supplies to make it, including an old sixties Christmas card.

Have you received anything handmade - or will you be making any Chrissy goodies to give as gifts yourself??
What will you bake for your families?


Gingerbread house with a difference!

Sally xox


  1. I have to suggest handmade goodies if I want to receive any, except for the usual made by the kids creations.

    I am STILL making felt playfood for my nieces and have bought quite a few handmade goodies (scarves, coasters, craft items, etc) to give to others for Christmas.

  2. i love receiving handmade goodies!! that Italian christmas cake is always a treat - our local italian deli always sells out!!
    have a beautiful ;aussie' Christmas!!!

  3. Anastasia & Deb,

    Merry Christmas my Lovlies x