Monday, December 6, 2010

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree...

Today the boys and I will be putting up and decorating our Christmas tree.
At not quite 4 years, and 51/2 years old, this is a very EXCITING prospect indeed, let me tell you!!
(I am hoping taking it down will be too, hmm?... yeah sure!!!).

I have my Christmas music CD to hand and a box of MR. Kipling Mince Pies.

I will post a pic or two once it's up, but in the meantime, here's a look at some different Christmas trees & decorating styles.

1). First a fabulously colourful tree at Black & Spiro

2) Modern Christmas Tree by Markus Linnenbrink

3) One for the Boys (big boys that is!)  Redneck Tree

4) why not make one of these recycled Christmas trees out of old mags?
5) how about a Shelf Tree?!

6)  I love this simple idea of displaying your cards in the shape of a Christmas tree - how fabulous is that?! 'Inside Out' is my favourite magazine, so I wasn't surprised to find something inspiring on their HOMELIFE website.
 Sally xox

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