Friday, August 26, 2011

Kindness from adversity ........

Some of you reading this may have heard about last week's terrible tragedy.
In case not - I'll explain...
I belong to the Etsy 'team'  DUST (Down Under Street Team), which has been a great source of online support, advice and companionship to me; it is a group of Creative types, 'living in Australia with an active Etsy shop', so right off we have a lot in common. This group is like having colleagues in the sometimes lonely world of self-employment!
Anyway, our team leader is called Julie-Ann, and last week this lovely mother of four was travelling in a  light plane from hospital (several hours drive from her home),with her 15 year old daughter Jacinda, who had been suffering from childhood arthritis but was finally in remission. Very sadly the plane crashed and Jacinda and the pilot, Don Kernot, did not make it; Julie-Ann herself was hospitalised and left in a critical condition.

I am so heart-warmed by the kindness and support I have seen from my team members and others within the Etsy community in response to this heart-breaking tragedy.
Members of our team have made donations of money and /or one or more of their products - as we have two Etsy 'treasuries' full of items where 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Julie-Ann and her family. This is in the hope that we may be able to at least help ease some practical (financial) burdens, so that they may concentrate more on comforting eachother and the dreadful, unthinkable task of coming to terms with their loss. So far we have raised $2,962.66. 
Go DUSTers!!

You can view the two treasuries as they currently stand today here and here (new items are being swapped in as any sell). These have been created and managed by the wonderful Deb (please check out her stunning glass jewellery in her Etsy shop Unique Dichroic).

I donated two items, (above) the vintage necklace was purchased by a very kind lady called Yogi Gray, who asked me to pass on the proceeds but not send the necklace, so that I may re-list it and sell it again - which I have.
This very kind lady has her own lovely Etsy shop, Distinctive Color Art,
where she sells her bold, colourful paintings,
 and some by her kids too!! (see right).

I would like to show you some of her work as a tiny gesture of kindness in return for her generosity (but also because I think you will like them!).

I love their bright colours and fabulous energy!

 {All  images of paintings by Yogi Gray}

Oh and I also bought an item from one of the treasuries too! It's a surprise package from the gorgeous and talented Helena of Little Mo and Friends. I can't wait to receive it - I'll show it to you when I do!!

I hope you've had a great week,
and also that you will spare a thought for Julie-Ann and her family.
love and hugs,
Sally x0x

post script: sadly Julie-Ann passed away on Monday 29th August, may she and Jacinda now rest in peace together.


  1. thanks Sally dear! I can't wait to see your pictures when your package arrives:) So good to know that we raised so much funds from the treasury sale, that's so awesome!

    And yogi's art is beautiful! Gah!!

  2. Found your beautiful blog via the Dust forum, you work is so bright & gorgeous, so pleased I called by for that cuppa!

  3. Oh thank you for stopping by sunshineshelle, I'm pleased you did too!

  4. Beautiful post Sally and what vibrant works from Yogi Gray !!! Love them
    Love Light and Rainbows ...Megg
    Rest in Peace

  5. So sorry to hear about this tragedy. Prayers for the families and your group.