Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Taste Test Tuesday!!

 YES, I know what you are going to say's Wednesday!! 
I know, I know, but it may still be Tuesday somewhere right? And anyway lovely things are not just lovely on Tuesdays, it just seemed like a good title when I wrote it (yesterday!!!).

we'll begin AGAIN...
Taste Test Tuesday  Wednesday!!

OK so, now we've cleared that up - let's see what the Etsy taste test brings us this time...
hold on I'll be back in a mo.....
rumi dish
ampersand earrings
pine cone necklace
Time travellers photo

Well done Etsy ~ I commend you for recognising my good taste!! {hehe}
Seriously though the taste test application has vastly improved since it's inception.
Tried it yet???
Go on! It's fun and who knows what fabulous things you may discover!

Hope your week is going well.
Sally x0x

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