Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday evening giveaway!!!!

Hello My Lovlies,
I hope you have had a lovely weekend! (We have had a really busy one with kids parties and such! - all very nice, we have two tired but happy post-sugar-high boys now!).

Anyhoo.... I am just stopping in to offer a quickie giveaway....

my latest item - {shabby chic vintage button mix} seems to have become my most 'favourited'!! it has 38 41 hearts so far!!! Wow!! (I've also sold and re-listed about 3 times!). Please note these are SHABBY chic by the way!!!

SO, because it seems to be a popular item I thought I'd give a pack (of 50) away. Why not!?!
If you'd like to enter ... (Yes, this IS open to worldwide readers).
You just need to follow my blog if you're not doing so already and leave a comment.Just HI will suffice, nothing fancy or schmancy!!).... (Oh & make sure I have a way of contacting you too please).

I'll pick and post a winner here sometime tomorrow. [Demanding 4 year old will decide the timing - and probably the winner too!]  :-0)

Good luck!
love,  Sally xox

p.s. More giveaways coming soon..............

Giveaway now closed. Thanks to those of you who entered x x x

Congrats to Deb from Two Cheeky Monkeys! 
(Mr Stroppy 4 year old picked you out!!).


  1. Ohhh, yes please Sally!!! You know how much I love your beautiful buttons. :)

  2. lovely!
    you know me as etsy Starzyia (or Starry on dust chat)

  3. Wow, what a lovely give away. Sadly my internet is a bit crap at the moment so I can't follow your blog but I'm following you on facebook. Glad to hear they are such a good seller, though I'm really not surprised ;)

  4. What a gorgeous collection of buttons! I also have 2 post-party sugar-high boys, who are now {thankfully} tucked up in bed!!

  5. No worries Hannah - you are still entered My Dear!!! xx

    and.... Thanks Starry, Deb & Sash!

  6. So pretty!

    sharonsnote at gmail dot com

  7. and the winner is DEB of two cheeky Monkeys!
    Congrats Deb.

    Can you sned me your addy (maybe convo me at my Etsy shop??)
    S xxx