Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Customer Appreciation ~ Becki's bracelets!

Hi there, how are you?

I love it when my customers send me photos / blog links of things they have made with Jambo Chameleon supplies.
I just received a link to such a blog post on her blog BeckyButton.

I recently sold a custom listing of grey buttons to a lovely customer named Becki.
She wanted the buttons to make bracelets for her best friend's wedding. Just look at the fabulous job she did! She bought the grey ones from me and the pink from another Etsy seller (although I would happily have supplied her both, I don't have pink ones listed though... I digress, sorry!!).

Becki has her own great etsy shop, Becky Button, which you may like to check out!
Images courtesy of Becki at BeckyButton
Are YOU a button lover?? 
What do you make with them, if so?

 Sally x0x


  1. Thank you for mentioning me on your blog, and sorry for not getting pink buttons from you as well - I honestly didn't know! :)


  2. Oops! sorry Becki, didn't want to make you feel bad, I was just trying to be helpful!!!! x