Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A surprise in the post...

Hi, how're you going?

Today I received a parcel. yay! 
Inside the large envelope, the contents were wrapped like a gift...
... I have been excitedly waiting for this package to arrive, it's a "surprise package" that I bought from Little Mo & Friends which was an item donated for the Twigg family that recently sadly lost two loved ones (a mother /wife and a daughter/ sister), you can read my original post about this tragedy here. 

Anyway, this is what my lovely, beautifully wrapped package contained:

{YES!... it was indeed Helena!!!}

Wonderful stationery and a fun print created by the adorable, talented Helena!

One day I might commission Helena to make one of her fun portraits of my family!


check out Helena's work and her cute Etsy shop,
Little Mo and Friends.

Or perhaps you'd like to visit Helena at her blog.

Hope your week is going well,
mine has been very busy so far, (kids and work and such...!),
take care,

Sally x0x


  1. what a gorgeous little package, so sweet :) x

  2. What a wonderful little surpise to open! Lots of lovely things in there.

  3. Yaay Sally!! I'm so glad you received your package! Thanks so much dear and enjoy all your goodies!! Make sure you use them! xoxoxoxooxox