Sunday, September 18, 2011

Monday Marvellous - Autumn's sky blue

{image from Banana Strudel}

how was the last week for you?
Mine was super busy. Really super busy! I had my job, physio, helping up at school, my Etsy work,
kid wrangling, shopping, cooking... and so on!!

Anyhoo, that is all about to change for 3 weeks - as I am off 'home' to Blighty to see my family. 
Four more sleeps that's all! Yay!

This 'Monday Marvellous' post is inspired by a blue grey that I associate with Autumn / Winter skies in Europe. (Its more of a Duck Egg blue really, I guess, it just makes me think of home...
AND it's such a pretty colour too, don't you think?!

Origami Crane earrings
Vine pendant
Raindrops necklace

1950's Abigail teacups
Layered flower brooch

Always Remember print...

Enjoy the week ahead,
 Sally x0x

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  1. Hi Sally
    Love the shades of blue. Have a wonderful holiday...!