Thursday, October 27, 2011

Colour Inspiration - 'Weathered Tones'

Antique shop door ~ New Orleans
phew I am just about catching up with normal life after more than three weeks away from home.
I always enjoy travelling, and feel inspired by lots of interesting things I see on my travels. One of the things I will very often notice, is an interesting DOOR!
So, I am not surprised then, that when I just came across this stunning photo (whilst browsing Pinterest) , it spoke to me - in fact it shouted out "Hi, look at me, aren't I just beautiful?!".

The colours on this old door are just stunning together, don't you think?
It inspired me to find a few more beautiful aged doors, with their weathered-paint colour combinations, to share with you.
Weathered Door & Window in Chora Patmos, Greece
I think they all just soooo gorgeous!
 I adore the fact that colour inspiration, and indeed design inspiration in general, can be found pretty much anywhere, even from something as simple as a door!

If you love doors too check out my Pinterest board dedicated to them here.

Hope you are having a great week,
Sally xox

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  1. Hi Sally
    You have just reminded me to blog all the pictures of doors I took in NYC and Paris. Wonderful images.