Sunday, October 16, 2011

Travel Picks..... Singapore inspired Etsy finds.


Yay! Home. Sweet. Home.
I just got back home to Sydney last night, after 3 weeks away visiting my family on the other side of the world (yep, England!!).

We stopped on the way there for a couple of nights in Singapore, to break up that oh-so-looooong journey.
On the way back too.

I will share more about my travels over the next few days but for now, here's a taste of Singapore (via some great Etsy finds) to whet your appetite. So to speak!! ~ If you want to do it literally, go have a singapore Sling!! {Here's a recipe & some history}.
orchids photo
vintage Asian head plaques
'Little India' inspired choice
neon sign photo
Buddha photo
'Singapore Sling' earrings
Indian girl photo
Singapore windows
lucky cats and lantern tea towel

Orchids {image} and Malay Batik top {above}
Indian kids
crabs waiting to be Singaporean' chilli crab'!

Maybe you'd like to make some Singapore Chilli Crab to go with that Singapore Sling?

Have you been to singapore?
We love it there. We've been lots of times, it's about 40 or so for me, Mr Six has been about 20 times, and even Mr Four has been around 15 times!! One of our favourite bits is the food. Of course! Yum! I love the melting pot of Asian cultures,  and yet it is such an easy, easy place to be. The only downside really is the humidity. Year round it's hot & sticky. I think I'd miss the seasons if I lived there. Would you do you think?

Hope you've had a great weekend and now wishing you a 'Happy Monday' for tomorrow!

Sally xox

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  1. Hi Sally, Welcome back. Lots of lovely images, thanks