Friday, December 30, 2011

Customer Appreciation ~ Kelsey's Button Bouquet

Hi there! ...

Today I'd love to show you something one of my clever customers made.

Her name is Kelsey and this is the fab button bouquet she made for her wedding. Her and her partner (now hubby) Aaron, eloped on 'Cinco De Mayo'  and then threw a wedding for family and friends afterwards. 
"Double wedding-time!" says Kelsey - sounds fun to me! 

The flowers are made from birchwood shavings, by a  Philippine Etsy seller, (unfortunately the shop no longer exists).

Kelsey says:

"We paid for our own wedding so our budget was teensy and while flowers are awesome, they're too expensive for what we were planning. I found the idea for a button bouquet on Off Beat Bride. I changed the technique a little but it's basically the same idea. All you need is buttons of various sizes and colors, floral wire or a small gauge jewelry wire, pliers, floral tape and wire cutters. And patience, haha!" .....

Kelsey continues:
"I highly recommend to anyone to take on some crafts when planning their wedding because 
a) it keeps you sane! 
b) it saves you money! "
One of the button packs Kelsey bought from me - beautiful vintage 'Butterscotch' buttons

{image and buttons by
Jambo Chameleon}

Thanks so much for sharing Kelsey!

I love it when my customers send me photos of things they make from their
 Jambo Chameleon purchases!

Bye for now!


Sally xox

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