Thursday, December 22, 2011

Etsy Meet-Up ~ paint-a-plate-fun!!

Last week I went to an Sydney Etsy Team meet-up at a really cool studio called Eagle Soup!

There were about 30 crafty types there and thanks to Kirsteene Phelan we were armed with ceramic drawing pens, all we had to do was bring a plate (or other ceramic receptacle of our choosing!!)

Kit the team leader and Katy had made lots of treats for us, including delicious heart-shaped vegie quiches, a gingerbread house and gingerbread folk. Yum!

Katy (left) and Kit

my plate part way through (I'll post a finished pic later - put my plates in a "safe" place & can't find them admidst the Crimbo chaos!!)
me - doing what I love best ~ being a crafty pixie!!
There were some great designs from talented folk looksee:

It was lots of fun :)

There were even goodie bags when we left!

Sally xox


  1. Oh no, I missed the get together! Looks like you had such fun

  2. This wasn't the meet-up I was telling you about but nevertheless I'll make sure I tell you next time Cate! :)