Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's a wrap!

Yes I intended that to be a pun - because Christmas is finished. "It's a wrap" as they say in the movies BUT I also wanted to show you my round-up of more great wrapping examples I have come across on the web over the last couple of days (I've had the luxury of catching up with some net surfing!)...

These can inspire you for next year (tuck them away in your Pinterest perhaps!) - or you can evolve these ideas into your own for birthdays, baby showers, weddings... whatever!

{Images from  Pocketful of Dreams}
{images: Happy serendipity}
{image from What no Mints}
{Pink Paislee}
{Poppy Talk}
{A Spoonful of Sugar}

{images from The Pink Couch}

Hope you enjoyed these!

Sally xox

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