Thursday, July 26, 2012

Artist Love - Rosetta Santucci

Finding My Way Back {photo}
Dandelion Walk

Have you seen any of the fabulous paintings by Australian artist Rosetta Santucci - possibly in Nina Proudman's bedroom if you, like me,  obsessively watched Channel 10's Offspring?
{Weebirdy has a great blog post on how to get the 'Nina'-look here}.

{photo via Weebirdy}

I think this is my favourite of Rosetta's paintings (but it's hard to choose!).
Falling Into The Light  86cm x 61cm

Rosetta's husband John is also a talented artist, so it's no surprise to discover that they have a very stylish home, it's been featured on The Design Files, as well as a few magazines and Design*Sponge too.
My favourite rooms are the bedroom (below) and her painting studio.

Rosetta's fabulous and original style is influenced by her background in costume (for film /TV), jewellery & Textile design. She is particularly inspired by ethnic & tribal textiles.
Her work is also evocative of a birds eye view of exotic, fantastical landscapes. Imagine a land or a world with that much colour....

{bedroom & studio photos - via The Design Files}
Rosetta in Real Living mag 
I know The way Out {photo}

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  1. Gorgeous work! Thanks for posting - I hadn't heard of her before x

  2. These arts are stunning!!! If I get the opportunity to buy them then I will put it them on the walls at home.  
    Australian Artists Paintings