Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Artist Love ~ Freya Art

Today I am so excited to have discovered the work of Fréya Eté, of  FREYA ART & DESIGN.


I have actually come across a couple of her works on Etsy before, but today I spent time looking at everything in the gallery (on her website).
The result of which is I wish I could buy pretty much EVERY single design!! I truly love the quirky, optimistic & heart warming illustration and messages in her work. I must not be the only one who loves the work of this talented poet & artist, as in her Etsy shop Freya Art , she has made 1718 sales to date, in less than two years. Hooray for Fréya!!

Here's more info (as quoted from Freya's website):

"Fréya enjoys traveling around the world and drawing inspiration from wherever she visits. Her work is one of purity of vision with a forever optimistic view of the world. Her quirky and thought provoking pieces are much loved and sought after and held in many public and private collections around the world.

She began her working life as an Art Director for Republic Advertising, but left to start her exploration of the world and along the way began to think about a different career. Illustration seemed a lovely logical option and she was delighted to discover that people enjoyed her creations as much as she enjoyed doing them.

Fréya divides her time between London, where she is based and her little beachside studio in Phillip Island, Australia"

Lucky girl - sounds like a nice life AND she is incredibly beautiful too. Stunning in fact!
{Fréya also happens to be one of my very favourite girl's names - it was high up on my 'Fabbo baby names list' both times - but I got 'Blue' instead of 'Pink', and I don't think either of my Lovlies would have thanked me for a girl's name! lol}.

Gushing you say? ME? No! Well, yes I guess I am.
So what I say, it's good to get excited about the little things. I'm sure Fréya would agree!

Come visit me again very soon, I have lots of new posts in the pipeline...

Sally xox

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