Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fab Finds #9

Aren't these earrings fabulous?! (I just treated myself to a red pair!).
'shiny-hearts-earrings' in blue & sterling silver

These are from the delightful Italian Etsy shop KOSMIKA owned by lovely lady called Laura!
 She lives live in Perugia, in the middle of the green and beautiful Umbria, in central Italy.

 in a small apricot-orange house, just out of town and loves sewing, knitting, messing with paper and glue and anything that is creative and can make herself and other people happy.
Here's a couple more pics of her work...

 Sally xox


  1. fabulous shopping choice! these are all so lovely items, just as the lady who made them :))

  2. I love Kosmika's creations, I have three of them, they are delightful :)

  3. I love Laura style!
    Essential, elegant and unique!
    I am lucky to own one of her jewelry too:D

  4. Kosmika is a great crafter and a lovley friend, Ty for featuring her! :)