Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pulling together ~ AusDisasterRelief shop on Etsy

photo source: TripleM
  At this time, when we as a country are suffering a 'Natural Disaster' with our terrible floods
it is heart-warming to see people pulling together to help.

I have to admit that I cannot watch the news, I cannot bear to SEE the devastation and terrible stories of loss (homes, possessions, businesses, and worst of all in some cases loved ones), but instead I do keep up to date with the radio news and the internet.

 The fighting spirit of Aussies is amazing, I feel humbled and it makes me so proud; they are not complaining, they are glad to have survived and they are ready to start again, to clean up and to help each other.

Whole communities have come together to lend helping hands & hearts... From the rescue workers, (some of whom have even lost their own homes), the people who have donated money, those who have taken strangers into their homes, right down to the awesome crafty community who are doing what they can to help.

The Australian Etsy DUST Team (Downunder Street Team) have set up a shop (just as they did for the devastating bushfire disaster) to help raise desperately needed funds. The profits will go directly to the official Queensland Premier's Relief Fund.

YOU could help too.
Please go and take a look -  you could buy something lovely that a generous crafter has donated, and flood victims will receive the proceeds. To date over $3038.03 has been raised and this figure is constantly rising.

Or if you are an Etsy seller – no matter where you are based in the world – you can donate something to the shop. If you could spare any item, no matter how small it may seem, it would be greatly appreciated.
Just send a message to the team at the AusDisasterRelief shop to find out the details.

Last night I volunteered for a couple of hours to list some of the items that Etsians had donated. I also donated 5 items myself. When I logged into my shop this morning I found a message to say all five had already sold. Great!

I donated one vintage necklace and 4 lots of buttons.

I have also just BOUGHT 4 items!! yaay! See two of them below, font by wiccked and silver heart necklace by Angel Silver. (I also bought handmade tags and bakers twine).

I want to volunteer more of my time and possibly more items too, I will also help prommote the shop via Facebook, this blog and Twitter. Maybe you could help with that too.
We sure would appreciate it.

Here are some of the lovely items that have been kindly donated (some may have sold by the time you visit the shop, but more are being added round the clock by admin & team volunteers).

at the time of writing all items available from 
the Australian Flood Appeal shop.

These items were donated by: (x 2)

Love, Sally xox

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