Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2010 a Retrospective - Etsy, Family, friends... and Sculptures By The Sea!...

I was thinking about last year and all the things I did (and didn't do).
The year began with my Etsy shop only being a few months old, I built it up a bit, and learned a lot along the way. Still heaps more to learn of course (like better time management for one, and better book-keeping for another!!). I did however reach (and surpass) my target of 1000 sales by my first ETSY-VERSARY in July.

In August we went on our annual UK trip, to see our family & old friends.
One of the highlights of that was celebrating my grandmother's 90th birthday, (that's her on the right, isn't she lovely?!).
...another was having some special time on a sunny afternoon in Nottingham, with my girlfriends from Uni (whom I studied Textiles with).

My best friend Cindy and I got to hang out a couple more times too and we even made a button bouquet each, whilst sipping herbal tea and eating chocolate! Fabbo!

Then towards the end of the year , I got to do one of my favourite 'Sydney things'...
 I visited Sculptures by the Sea, the annual exhibition that is precisely what it says "sculptures by (and sometimes even IN) the sea"!!

The exhibition is well established, it's now in it's 14th year and it gets terribly busy at the weekend, so the boys and I went late one afternoon. It was a beautiful day, so we were lucky! We finished off with pizza and ice cream by the beach - we had ourselves a marvellous time indeed!! :)

If you missed it - enjoy some of the sculptures here, via my own snapshots!

Do you have a favourite? Mine is the the tube of paint.

The setting is incredible too isn't it?
The scenery, the coulours, the textures, the flowers, even the smell of the sea air, it's just all wonderful,
I love it all.

Sally xox

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