Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Artist Love - Jessica Swift

I absolutely adore the energetic, whimsical, exuberantly-colourful work of fabulous artist / surface pattern designer Jessica Swift. {Can you tell I am a fan?!}
Jessica has a blog, a fabulous website, which you can buy a multitude of colourful products from, an Etsy Shop where you can buy fab prints like this one (below), along with things like pocket mirrors and cards...
Basically if you can think of something to print a pattern on - Jessica is likely to have done it! Even rain boots!!

I especially love Jessica's paintings: Here's a taster - but you can peruse many more or perhaps even purchase of Jessica's playful, funky original works on wood panels at Gregg Irby Fine Art.

{images from Gregg Irby Fine Art}
Enjoy ~ I hope to have brightened your day a little!



  1. Great work - love her use of colour and pattern... makes me want to paint again!!

  2. Thanks Jen - I visited your blog and I especially loved this post!

    Nice of you to stop by,

    Sally :)