Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What Blogging means to me...

This post is homework.
Yes, really. I have been doing a brilliant e-course called "Blogging your way 2.0" by the outstandingly-talented-and-oh-so-lovely Holly Bekker, author of bestselling Interiors book Decorate and Decor8 blog.
Sadly due to ill health, a wayward husband (it's all work, nothing more dramatic, but it takes him away from home sometimes) and a few minor disasters (that resulted in several visits to the local hospital's casualty department), I have been struggling failing to keep up!
However, what I have got from the course thus far has been fantastic and I hope to use the next 4 weeks (whilst the content is still available) to catch up and make the most of it!

  • I have learned about the importance having a plan, a direction, my own (authentic) voice; and I have been encouraged to work hard, be consistent, to not be discouraged and not to rush to get to where I want to be. 
  • Useful resources have been shared, for improving your blog, tips on monetizing and various other things I had dreamed of one day achieving but not known where to begin or who to go to for advice!
  •  I have also discovered some lovely blogs and some very talented and interesting people!            
  • ..... It's moved me on to the next road in my creative journey, it's time to leave the roadhouse, (to use a very Aussie analogy), where I have been metaphorically resting with a beer and a meat pie for far too long!! Watch this space, I am hoping to vastly { but slowly} improve my blog and to create a plan for my creative future...
Thank you Holly - I now have the courage to take the next step in my life, and now that my kids have both started school, there's no time like the present to begin...

{In summary I would definitely recommend this course!}

Anyway, this week's homework was to write a blog post not only about what I have gained from the course but also what blogging means to me. {The first part I have answered above, the second below!}

Well, for me blogging is really all about two things:
 1. Connecting with the world - the (now huge) little-pocket of creative types in the world to be more specific. I began because I missed having other creative people around me, especially for the bouncing around of ideas. Since I left my design job to have my kids, I didn't really have anyone creative in my life. Connecting with others firstly through my Etsy shop and then later my blog, actually helped me out of a long bout of depression. I have made some truly great friends through the online craft & design community. I also now have a few crafty / creative friends locally.

2. My blog is to me, a kind of journal. It's a place to record and share creative inspiration, and general eye-candy, and also to document some snippets of my life. It's even a place friends and family can visit to see what my 'expat' life Downunder is like, or to gain a greater insight into my character and my taste. I don't think they do, mind you! But they could!!
Me and my little peeps! (photo by Milk & Honey photography).

I have really enjoyed reading the homework posts of some of the other students too.

Take care,
 Sally xox


  1. Hi Sally, i tried to do Holly course last year, got al muddled up, and didnt finish. Good for you. I hope all is well with those who visited the emergency dept. Great pic of you and the boys. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the course.

  2. beautiful post Sally! Love the pics too!!

  3. Wow, Sally, I totally agree with all that you've said and I surely will be a follower of your blog from the other hemisphere. I definitely am excited to read a lot more from you!
    A hug from Germany,

  4. Hi Roberta!
    Thanks. It's always love to have you stop by and comment - I really appreciate you taking the time. :o)

    Finn had a life threatening asthma attack but is fine now, and Toby and I were both scalded in a camomile tea accident(!) last friday! We have been going back to the hospital for reviews and dressing checks every day or two, but we are both healing well!

    Hope you are well,
    love sally x

  5. Guten Tag FrauSchmitt! Nice to 'meet' you! I remember seeing your name in the forum over at BYW.

    I would love to have you as a follower and will most certainly be checking out your blog now!
    Sally :)

  6. Hello Lovely Anastasia!!
    Thanks for the compliments!